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Amaze your guests with next-level whisky serves

We don’t believe in rules for whisky. But there's one thing we always urge everyone to do: Please drink creatively. A lovingly poured neat serve can be utterly delicious, yet there is a whole lot more to discover when you get experimenting. It’s something Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend are perfect for, so we’ve called on the talents of two great bartenders to inspire you.


Rosey Mitchell and Manacháin Monaghan are previous winners of our global bartending competition The Circle, and on social media we’ll be sharing the ways they like to enjoy these versatile whiskies, from simple serves to creative showstoppers. So, be sure to stock up your drinks cabinet and start mixing like the pros!

Glasgow Blend

Next week we'll be exploring the Bobby Burns and the Iceless Highball but you don’t have to wait until then. We wanted you to be the first to hear about something we've been working on...

Artist Blend


We have created a new dedicated section of our site that will take you on an adventure in deliciousness with Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend. Whether you want to get your ‘on the rocks’ just right, or delight friends and family with next-level creations, we’ve got some delicious recipe ideas to share with you. And there's more coming soon!

For even more insight on these whiskies, tune in as we take part in a series of tastings and interviews on Instagram Live with some of our US friends, starting with Tonight’s Poison on April 28th. See the full schedule for the events here and head to our online shop for all our whiskies.

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