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Let Scotch whisky take you to a new world of flavour

Are you beer and Scotch whisky curious?

Meet head Brewer Nick Blake

We want to introduce a special guest joining our next Adventure in Deliciousness. Head brewer Nick Blake from Big Smoke Brew Co. is a fountain of knowledge on the subject and the creator of award-winning beers, as you’ll discover when you come along to our online event on June 27th.

You could say whisky actually starts out life as beer before additional processes take them in different directions, and as distant cousins they get on marvellously. Nick, our founder John Glaser and our whiskymaker James Saxon will be exploring the exciting reactions when the two are sipped together.

Glasgow Blend

Grab your drinks ready for the adventure

If you’re in the UK, you’ll be able to prepare by picking up the beers we’ll taste direct from Big Smoke Brew Co. – shop for their Shadowlands, Pilsner and Secret Machine. They’re offering a special gift pack for the occasion too. For those outside the UK, we suggest stocking up on a stout or porter, a hoppy pilsner and an IPA or double IPA. No strict rules though - go for what you fancy!

And of course, wherever you are, you can buy our Malt Whisky Collection gift pack at our web shop. With Father’s Day around the corner, why not order one for Dad and invite him to the event too?

Meet Nick Blake

Sign up is easy

Registration for the event is free - just head over to Nick is as passionate about beer as John and James are about whisky, so it’s going to be a great conversation!

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