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Ask Us Anything About Scotch Whiskymaking

It’s a difficult time right now for doing something we think is so important – getting together for great conversation. But while it’s not possible to share a bottle of Compass Box with friends in person at the moment, we can still share knowledge and explore ideas.

That’s why we’re launching what will be the first in a series of ‘Ask Us Anything’ sessions online. Keep an eye on our Instagram Stories @compassboxwhiskyco because on Tuesday 28 April we’ll be inviting you to send in your questions, then we’ll reply to them all over the following days.




We’re kicking things off with the theme of whiskymaking. Our Founder and Whiskymaker John Glaser will answer all your questions – no matter how simple or technical – with updates either via Instagram Stories or with Direct Messages. 

We know that, like us, you’re an inquisitive bunch, so what have you always wanted to know? What burning questions about our whiskymaking process are you keen to ask?

Also, while we’re here, we’d like to say thanks for the fantastic response to our fundraising campaign. There are still limited edition tops and totes available with all proceeds going to the hospitality industry, so if you haven’t already donated, we’d love your support: Kindness. Community. Creativity.