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Can Whisky & Chocolate Get Even More Delicious?

CBW & Chocolate

Let’s talk about something near-universally adored: Chocolate. Indulgent on its own, of course. But when enjoyed with whisky, the alliance can be downright delicious. In many ways the two are very similar, both boasting such complexity of flavours that inspires experimentation. Research into whisky flavour has identified more than 700 compounds, while scientists have uncovered more than 1,500 flavour components in chocolate, from floral and citrus notes, to smoky and nutty tones. It's a perfect match.

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Whether you’re a chocolate and whisky enthusiast yourself – or know someone who would love to receive a gift of both – we want to introduce you to some of our favourite pairings.

Enjoy a piece of orange dark chocolate with The Spice Tree. The chocolate melds with the flavours from the heavily toasted French Oak we have used, allowing the orange to tease out the whisky’s half-hidden toffee apple character.

The Spice tree

For our much-loved Hedonism, we adore the way salted caramel heightens the sweetness of this whisky and gives a flavour that evokes popcorn with salted butter. A must try!


When it comes to The Peat Monster (Awarded #9 in Whisky Advocate’s top 20 most exciting whiskies of 2020), we recommend almond-studded chocolate, because it complements the nuttiness of malt from the Caol Ila Distillery, the biggest single component. An ideal pairing for those who love complex smoky malts.

The Peat Monster

With Flaming Heart, chocolate is the master key that unlocks a wide range of this whisky’s different taste profiles. Chocolate with sea salt, caramel, butterscotch, orange or even mint will recombine the elements of smokiness, Sherry cask aromatics and French Oak richness in new ways. A whisky that certainly rewards experimentation.

Flaming Heart

At Compass Box, we believe whisky has the seemingly unending potential to surprise. So, we encourage you to get experimenting with the wonders of chocolate and see what unexpected delights you discover.

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Flaming Heart