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Introducing our limited edition Canvas

Canvas frame

Whisky is our Canvas, what’s yours?

Canvas is built around an experimental parcel of whisky, so we think it deserves an experimental label to match. And that’s where you come in.

For this label, our designers Stranger & Stranger have been inspired by the Renaissance tradition of ‘trophy frames’, where the detailing gives clues to the life of the person pictured within. So on Canvas, you’ll see all sorts of hints to the Compass Box world. But what you won’t see is an image in the centre – because we’d love you to create your own.

This is really exciting for us. We already know from our followers' feeds on social media that you’re an artistic bunch, so we’d love to see how Scotch whisky sparks your creativity. Painting, photography, poetry, collage, even a musical score – it’s up to you.

How to get started

We have a number of templates of Stranger & Stranger’s fantastical frame, each with different coloured highlights to choose from. Pick the theme colour you want to work with, select the relevant file type and start designing.

The PDF files can be blown up to a larger size before printing and are perfect for free-hand illustration.

If designing on computer, the PNG link opens files, which can be edited in a number of design programmes, including Photoshop.

If you need inspiration, you can read more about Canvas here.

Share your creation!

We can’t wait to see what you come up with, so make sure you share your masterpiece on social media, tagging us @compassboxwhiskyco and using the hashtag #compassboxcanvas. Upload a digital image, take a photo of your idea on paper, or even attach the finished piece to the bottle for that authentic-looking product shot. We'll be sharing some of our favourites online*, and who knows, you might even inspire our next experiment in Scotch whisky!

*Terms & Conditions

And that's it. Time to get creative!

Share & Enjoy,

The Compass Box Team