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Celebrate Father’s Day the Compass Box way


This year we’re marking Father’s Day by raising a toast to kinship. Celebrating fathers and families, sisters and brothers, friends, and colleagues. And another love of ours, beer and Scotch whisky.

Join Compass Box founder John Glaser on June 27th as we delve into the roots of this age-old partnership, and discover a whole new world of flavour in the process.


As part of our event, we will be exploring beer pairings for three award-winning Compass Box whiskies: The Peat Monster, The Spice Tree, and The Story of the Spaniard.

Malt Whisky Collection

Available in a black gift pack accented with gold trim (or for our friends in the US, a new design inspired by our much-beloved label art). The Malt Whisky Collection is a perfect present for a loved one with an inquisitive spirit.

In preparation, we've been sampling a range of different styles of beer to accompany our whisky, from toasty stouts, to nutty brown ales and puckering sours. So, if you know someone who isn’t afraid to experiment, and would be curious to see how these three distinct whiskies taste alongside different beers, be sure to pick up a Malt Whisky Collection gift pack and sign them up for the event.


Put the date in your diary: Sunday June 27th at 8pm BST (3pm EDT / 12pm PDT) and reserve your seat. Join us with your whisky samples and stay tuned over the coming weeks as we share the beer pairings we'll be tasting on the day to help you get prepared. You can follow our lead, or experiment with your own pairings. The choice is yours! If you have a favourite, please send it our way. We'd love to hear how you drink creatively.

We look forward to seeing you there!

The Compass Box Team

Father's Day Event