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A Message from John Glaser

Hello, this is John, Compass Box Founder. I’d like to pass on a simple yet vital message of solidarity to our supporters, their families and our industry colleagues around the world. We’re in this together, and we’ll get through this together.

As you know, we work closely with bartenders and the hospitality industry, a huge and international group of people now trying to adjust to a world without customers to serve. We are hearing their stories and it’s heartbreaking. As more governments announce lock-downs, we’re working out how best to play our part in the incredible efforts everyone is already making to look after each other.

We’ll keep you updated on our plans, and in the meantime, we’re keen to hear what your local bars, restaurants and retailers are doing to raise spirits and support their communities.

Email us at or share on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we’ll repost where we can to get the word out.

Take care of each other,