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Delicious Together:
Exploring Rogues’ Banquet & Treacle Tart

Rogues’ Banquet arrived back in March to mark the 20th anniversary of Compass Box. We decided the time wasn’t right to accompany its release with any fanfare, but all the same we’ve been delighted with the response from the many people wishing to know more.


This limited edition combines four parcels of whisky, each of which exhibited the generosity and depth of flavour one would hope to find after many years of maturation. Brought together as a blend, the impression is of rich cakes, stem ginger, pastry cream, and softened tropical fruits. The patisserie elements are provided by whiskies from the Miltonduff and North British distilleries, while the lush and exotic touches come courtesy of individual casks from the Clynelish and Glen Elgin distilleries.


Those culinary-infused tasting notes also offer a clue to another side of this limited edition – it pairs beautifully with desserts. We particularly love the combination of Rogues’ Banquet with a treacle tart, a classic British pudding, so please enjoy the video below where our Founder John Glaser talks you through this delicious pairing.


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