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Discover Canvas - a whisky drawn in bold colours


Today we’re unveiling a new limited edition, designed to spark as much creativity in you as it did for us when we made it. Canvas is bold yet accessible, with a balance of compelling flavours that call you back to the glass. It’s certainly attention-grabbing, with the dramatic slash featured on the box inspired by the work of Italian artist Lucio Fontana. And in a first for us, the bottle’s label invites you on an artistic adventure of your own.

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Canvas is a whisky drawn in bold colours, crafted around an experimental parcel of whisky from the Tomatin Distillery, re-racked for three years into casks seasoned with Vino Naranja. This fortified Spanish wine from the Condado de Huelva region creates a ripe fruitiness with oily, honeyed oak notes, while single malts aged in American oak bring further generous flavours of custard, honey and frangipane. It’s both a journey on the palate and an exploration of artistic design.


Whisky is our canvas. It’s how our whiskymakers explore their creativity. So with this new limited edition, we wanted to inspire that same spark in those who drink it. On the label is an ornate frame that tells the story of whiskymaking, and we’d love you to fill it. With an illustration, photograph, poetry – anything you like. Then show us what you come up with. All the info can be found here and who knows, what you design could even be the genesis of a new Compass Box blend.

Canvas is now available to purchase from our web shop for the UK and select countries, and it will be arriving in the US from September 1st. For more updates, keep an eye on our social media.

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The Compass Box Team