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Discover Orchard House

Dear Scotch whisky lover,

I’d like to personally introduce you to our newest core range whisky, Orchard House.

Orchard House represents the first whisky of its type in our core range – a fruity and delicate ‘spirit-forward’ style. We’ve applied a light hand with oak to allow the distillery character of each of the component whiskies in the recipe to shine through.

It features delicate aromas of apple and pear, with light hints of Earl Grey tea, honey and vanilla shortbread – it's very much a late afternoon/early evening style of malt whisky.

You’ll find Orchard House is vibrant when sipped neat, syrupy when enjoyed on ice. And it’s a terrific match with hard cheeses like Cheddars.

Orchard House also represents an important milestone for us – it’s the first in our core range to be produced almost entirely from whiskies we have aged ourselves since the day they were distilled. In a sense, it’s more 'our' whisky than anything we’ve made before!

We are really proud of this. It’s a joyful and delicious all-rounder.

Please share and enjoy!


John Glaser

Founder & Whiskymaker

Orchard House