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Oak, smoke and fire –
reunited for the 7th time

The triumphant return of Flaming Heart

Our most anthemic whisky is back

Some compositions are timeless. Whether it’s the notes that form an iconic heavy metal riff, or the composition of whiskies that make a captivating, blended Scotch. Our latest Limited Edition is a new take on an old favourite. Inspired by a rock song, this is a whisky that always demands an encore. Please welcome a Compass Box classic back to the stage. Raise your glasses for the 7th epic reunion of Flaming Heart 2022.

Flaming Heart

Adding to our iconic collection

When Flaming Heart was first released in 2006, it was the first blended Scotch to combine the rich spice of new French oak, with the evocative smoke of Islay malt. The result was a compelling harmony of oak, smoke and fire, and it called us back time and again. Now, as we introduce the 7th edition of Flaming Heart, we feel like a band coming back together, proudly adding another record to the discography.

A soundtrack for sipping

When we create a whisky, the idea often goes beyond what’s in the bottle. Inspired by a song, we thought it was only right to provide a fitting soundtrack for Flaming Heart 2022. Check out this Spotify playlist (specially curated by our very own whiskymakers) to experience the full sensory soundscape of Flaming Heart. With tracks from the likes of Hendrix, Nirvana, and Otis Rush, it’s the perfect accompaniment to a big and boisterous drink. PLAY IT LOUD.

A pyrotechnic display of flavour

This loud and luxurious remastering of Flaming Heart samples some smoky notes from past releases, while adding new layers to the arrangement. A power trio of peated malts from the Laphroaig, Talisker and Caol Ila distilleries bring thick layers of smoke, followed by a deep fruitiness and a luxurious mouthfeel. On the nose you’re met with smouldering peaty embers, hints of candied ginger and cigar wrapper leaves. While on the palate, it’s a classic rock ‘n’ roll medley – oily, smoky, savoury and rich.

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