Asyla Smash

The Asyla Smash courtesy of Foxlow

The perfect drink for a sunny Friday afternoon.  The perfect drink with which to evoke feelings of a sunny Friday afternoon on a rainy Tuesday.  Created at Foxlow Chiswick but simple enough for us to knock up at Compass Box HQ. Share & Enjoy!


Asyla Smash


50ml Asyla

20ml Fresh lemon Juice

10ml Sugar syrup (2:1 ratio caster sugar to water)

Handful of mint leaves (lightly 'clapped')

4-6 raspberries

Lemon garnish

Soda water


Muddle the fruit in a cocktail tin, add the liquid ingredients (excluding soda water) and shake.  Strain into a highball, add crushed ice and top with soda water.  Garnish with mint, lemon and raspberries.