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Ain't no coffee like a Compass Box coffee

This is a recipe for the enthusiast coffee maker and it does require a degree of specialist equipment.  If you have this equipment - congratulations, you are quite the intrepid coffee maker!  If not, find an excuse to visit us and perhaps we can slip you a few magic beans.


'Mind yer Heid' coffee blend


- Take 300g Honduras Altos de Erapuca green coffee beans

- Cover completely with a mixture of three parts Great King Street Glasgow Blend to one part Portuguese mead

- Rest overnight in liquid goodness (we waited 27 hours)

- Fan dry beans

- Roast to medium/heavy level in home coffee roaster

- Leave beans for 6 hours to air

- Bag in airtight packaging

- Rest overnight prior to grinding 

- Grind and make your coffee as usual (we favour a v60 coffee maker)

- Share & Enjoy! 


The combination of a medium-heavy roast bean, rich with smokey, peaty, sherry wine notes and the sweetness of Portuguese mead is guaranteed to kick-start any day.  In our opinion, a mandatory for enhancing productivity in any workplace!