Desserts and Whisky

Why not try something a little different?

Whiskies are often front of stage when it comes to digestifs but are all-too-often neglected throughout the preceding dessert course. We think this is a shame, as they can be amongst the most delicious of matches for a range of sweet flavours. Next time you’re entertaining – or enjoying a meal at your favourite restaurant why not consider picking a whisky to match your dessert?

For a truly decadent pairing, match the pastry cream character of Hedonism with salted caramels, butterscotch sauces or toffee hazelnut flavours. The sweet, luscious character of the spirit provides a perfect pairing, while the alcohol cuts through the richness in a way that pudding wines can only dream of!

If your tastes run to something a little more exotic, try the complex ginger spice flavours of The Spice Tree with puddings of a similar character. Anything with clove character (think Christmas cake), ginger cakes and breads and baked fruit puddings will be complemented perfectly by this rich malt whisky.

And if you think peaty whiskies are out of the question, think again! You will find the complex, peaty, smoky character of The Peat Monster matches perfectly with rich chocolate puddings – adding another layer of decadence to the cacao intensity.

So next time you’re reaching for your usual Sauternes or Tokaji, why not try something a little different?