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Cheese and Whisky

The varied pleasures of whisky and cheese

If there is one underappreciated pairing in the world of food and drink, this must surely be it.

Whenever we conduct tastings in our blending room, we take great pains to introduce our guests to the varied pleasures of whisky and cheese. It may sound strange – a little daunting even – but the logic is simple. The higher alcohol in the whisky (compared to the traditional port or pudding wine) cuts through the fat of the cheese, cleansing the palate between bites and providing a foil of equal strength to the bold flavours contained within many cheeses. There is nothing to match it!

If you have the time to spend a lazy afternoon or late-night exploring the world of cheese and whisky pairings, we can heartily recommend Asyla with parmigiano reggiano, The Spice Tree with cave-aged cheddar and The Peat Monster with rich blue-veined cheese such as Gorgonzola.


However, if you are looking for one whisky to rule them all, our all-rounder match for the cheese plate is Oak Cross. The toasty, elegant flavours of this rich malt whisky are versatile enough to pair with any cheese from Asiago to Yarg (to our knowledge there is no cheese starting with the letter ‘Z’ but if you know otherwise be sure to drop us a note)!