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Preview our upcoming releases for 2022

Creativity is one of the many joys of whiskymaking. Our limited editions allow us to indulge our creative urges to explore and expand on what Scotch whisky can be, and we love sharing our discoveries with you. So, we’re thrilled to reveal three new releases to kick off the year. Each delicious in a different way. Stay tuned, as we'll be sharing more about these whiskies on our social channels and upcoming newsletters.


The nostalgic one

Imagine the warming aroma and wistfulness of an old bookshop. Now imagine it bottled. That’s Vellichor – made from impressively mature whiskies, each one a different character in the story.

Available from our web shop and select rest of world regions from early February. Arriving in the US from April 1st.


Experimental Grain Whisky

The deviant one

A fascinating discovery, borne from the pursuit of unusual flavour and a grain whisky that’s only a pot still away from being a single malt. Experimental Grain Whisky is smoky, sweet and curiously delicious.

Available from our web shop and select rest of world regions from early February.

Arriving in the US from April 1st.

Experimental Grain Whisky

The Circle No. 2

The long-awaited one

A whisky brought to you by synaesthesia. The Circle’s Sherry-aged warmth and bright tropical aromas perfectly capture the taste of the colour coral. Made in collaboration with The Circle 2019 winner, Mannie Monaghan.

Coming June 2022.

The Circle No. 2

To check the availability of any of these releases, please reach out to your local specialist spirits retailer. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will help locate your nearest stockist.

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