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Ultramarine: Inspired by lost flavours

Time capsules in whiskymaking

Have you ever seen an iconic photo from the past, reimagined in colour? It instantly becomes more powerful. A great moment made even greater by contemporary processes.

Our newest limited edition is a great whisky from the past, made even greater.

Introducing Ultramarine – a time capsule of lost flavours, remade for the modern whisky lover.


Inspired by forgotten flavours

Ultramarine is the first release from The Extinct Blends Quartet – a series that asks how four historic blends of Scotch can be taken further than before.

By re-examining these iconic liquids through the lens of modern whiskymaking, and amplifying their finer details, we’ve brought new life to some prized flavours of the past.

The Sherry and pipe tobacco notes of Ultramarine were inspired by a deluxe blended Scotch that emerged in the late 1980s. The earliest bottlings of this iconic dram had a compelling antique quality, made with characterful stocks of malt and grain.

An ethereal experience of flavour

Coming from the Latin term ultramarinus, meaning ‘beyond the sea’, Ultramarine shares its name with a rare pigment once more precious than gold.

Like the deep and vivid blue of Ultramarine, this first bottle from our Extinct Blends Quartet is impressively textural – an otherworldly tasting experience that’s as enchanting sipped while overlooking the cliffs of Scotland as it is in a glass by the calm waters of California.

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