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We’re Releasing a New Whisky into the Wild

The world of malt whisky is filled with incredible specimens – strange and beautiful creatures that can catch you completely unawares. Fruity and spicy, sweet and floral are all very well, but we wanted to make a whisky inspired by some of Scotland’s wilder offerings.

Discover The Animal Inside Scotch Whisky

Menagerie is our answer to the call of the wild. We have rounded up some of Scotland’s prized beasts, harnessing their subtle savoury characteristics in this new limited edition. You'll get the textures of worn leather and roast lamb from the leading parcel from Mortlach Distillery, malts from the Deanston Distillery bring animalic, forest floor aromas, while hints of the primordial tar pit come courtesy of two casks from the Laphroaig Distillery. Though a meaty or savoury quality could be discerned in each parcel, the whole composition revolves around gentle notes of toffee and roasted peach.


Where Does Menagerie Sit in the Compass Box World

If you’re already a fan of our Myths and Legends III and want to know how a spicier version would feel on the palate, this could be the one for you. And the really observant among you may have spotted that the Mortlach component here was last seen as a minor part of 2016’s Enlightenment.

Menagerie has now been released in the UK and Europe. Please check with your local specialist spirits retailer for availability or visit our website to purchase this limited edition. Menagerie will be landing in the US in early April – keep an eye on our social media for more details.

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The Compass Box Team

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