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Speaking Out Against Racism



I'd like to start with something plain and simple: We are, and always have been, against racism.

And while some would have wanted us to speak sooner on the action we are taking, we believe that a considered, informed response is far more valuable than a knee-jerk reaction.

After listening long and hard to those with a deep understanding and often first-hand experience of racial injustice, and after being inspired to study, think and discuss this situation as a team, we are acting.

We have agreed on a course of immediate action, including setting up a strong HR policy focused on anti-discrimination. This is one of five new principles that will guide us going forward. I believe businesses today have an important role to play in the fight for a just society, and we will take that responsibility even more seriously.

You are welcome to read our plans in full, but we wanted to highlight here another new principle that has become even more vital in recent days – we will encourage people to use the power of their vote to spark change.

Every voice deserves to be heard. Yet, especially as we have seen this week, even that most fundamental of rights is not universal. This must change. Those who can vote, must. And we all need to speak up for those whose voices are stifled.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. To find out more about our plans, please get in touch with me directly at:

The team and I really want to know what you think.


John Glaser

Company Founder