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Tea and Myrtle

Art thrives on experimentation, and this Artist Blend serve is as creative as they come. Created by Three Sheets bartender and 2018 The Circle winner Rosey Mitchell, the herbal savoury notes of this cocktail gently balance the whisky’s fruity character, making for a bright, refreshing, yet earthy drink. Scroll down for details on how to make it.


  • 1 and ½ oz of Artist Blend
  • ¾ oz of Green Tea and Myrtle cordial*
  • Garnish: Lemon spray**
  • 40ml of Artist Blend
  • 20ml of Green Tea and Myrtle cordial*
  • Garnish: Lemon spray**


Pour Artist Blend and the Green Tea and Myrtle cordial* into a mixing tin with ice.
Stir until it is fully diluted (around 30 seconds).
Strain into an ice-filled wine glass, and garnish with lemon spray.
Serve, and enjoy.

*To make Green Tea and Myrtle cordial

You can make this at home by mixing 333g of Green Tea with 500g of Caster sugar. Add the correct ratios of Malic Acid and Citric acid and stir all the ingredients together until the liquid is clear. Finally add Myrtle Essential Oil.

Malic acid 1% of weight of sugar
Citric acid 0.5% of weight of sugar
Myrtle Essential Oil 1 drop every 675g of batch

**To make lemon spray

Finely grate lemon zest (10% of weight of liquid) using a microplane.
Infuse the zest into 50g of vodka for approx. 20 minutes at room temperature.
Strain through a coffee filter.
Store in a spray bottle.


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