Food Pairing Ideas

At Compass Box, we’ve long been advocates for the joys of pairing delicious whisky with delectable food. From desserts, to rich cheeses, to cured meats, there is a wide spectrum of creative whisky and food pairings to explore. It’s the perfect time of year to indulge yourself, so get around the table with your loved ones, and share and enjoy a feast of flavours the Compass Box way.

The Story of the Spaniard

A journey of Mediterranean flavours

For those with an adventurous palate, pair The Story of the Spaniard with some authentic Iberian delicacies.

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Orchard House

Pairings to delight

Orchard House is a welcoming blend, easy for other foods to get along with.

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A truly decadent pairing

Serve Hedonism slightly chilled with salted caramel chocolate for an insanely delicious tasting experience.

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No Name, No. 3

A rich and satisfying duet

Try No Name, No. 3 with a full-bodied blue cheese for a powerful duet of flavours.

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Artist Blend

Flavour pairings for the cultivated palate

An innately creative spirit, Artist Blend can be enjoyed with a rich variety of foods.

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Glasgow Blend

Scotland and Italy: a historic union of flavours

The gallusness of Glasgow Blend really shines when paired with a rich cheese or cured meat. Try Gorgonzola Dolce if you like your cheese creamy, or Piccante if you prefer sharper flavours. A handful of salty speck ham makes for a glorious finishing touch.

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The Spice Tree

A feast wreathed in festive spices

The Spice Tree comes alive when dessert is being passed around the table. Try it with a fruit cake for an especially seasonal pairing, bursting with warm gingery and spiced flavours. Or try it alongside a creamy brie.

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The Peat Monster

Experience powerful coastal flavours

If you’re feeling adventurous, oysters and other shellfish work beautifully with The Peat Monster, taking you harbour-side with a swell of seaside character. Alternatively, this little monster will also get along well with a big, bold, blue-veined cheese.

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