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Blended Scotch Whisky

A Flight Through Epic Clouds of Smoke

Our Extinct Blends Quartet takes inspiration from vanished characters and flavours,reappraising four very different expressions of blended Scotch, using some of our most precious parcels of whisky.

Our latest and last in the Extinct Blends Quartet, Celestial is inspired by a whisky from the 1960s with both an extravagant flavour profile and an equine theme. The peatiest of the Extinct Blends Quartet, and our most expansive, Celestial offers a depth of flavour and maturity that has become the series’ hallmark.

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Bottled at 50% ABV
Not chill-filtered
Natural Colour
Lead Whiskymaker: James Saxon

With the Extinct Blends Quartet so far, we have explored the coasts, tropical islands, and cities of blended Scotch. To finish, we are venturing beyond the earth, taking to the sky through billowing clouds and glittering constellations.

Celestial accentuates the smokiness of its forebear, drawing on malt whiskies from the Ardbeg and Caol Ila distilleries, two parcels we previously brought together six years ago for the original No Name. Tar notes meld with the herbal character, creating our interpretation of an older, sophisticated style of smokiness.

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