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Our newest release for the festive season

Art & Decadence

Welcome to the sumptuous world of Art & Decadence, our latest Limited Edition. This whisky is an unapologetic celebration of beauty, richness and indulgence, released just in time for the festive season!

What does “decadence” mean to you? We love the abundance of associations that hint to luxury, beauty, excess. It’s highly fertile territory for art… and whisky.

During the Aesthetic and Decadent movements, art was made for the sake of art; there were no ulterior motives. For those of a decadent sensibility, more was always more. The unnecessary flourish became the most important thing of all – if something delighted you, that was the only justification required for its existence.

Similarly, a whisky like Art & Decadence may not be strictly a necessity – and that indeed is the whole, glorious point.

Art for art's sake

Sometimes a bit of decadence is the best form of rebellion you can have.
Jeremy Scott (Fashion Designer)

This whisky is inspired by the bold young radicals who created the British Aesthetic Movement in the late 19th century. Dismayed by the ugly and soulless design of the Industrial Age, this group of artists and visionaries shocked society with their belief that art and beauty should be pursued above all else. They embraced opulence, exoticism and excess, embellishing their art with layer upon layer of sensuous detail.

This whisky is an unforgettable celebration of those layers of richness and beauty - an intensely pleasurable dram that elevates indulgence to an artform.

Art & Decadence

Decked out to delight

We have taken glossily sweet grain whiskies and combined them with unpeated malt whiskies matured in American oak barrels and not one but three different types of dessert wine cask. The madeira, sauternes and marsala casks bring a true succulence to the character of the whisky. Like we said, more is more.

The result is an intense, complex, honeyed flavour that will make even the most experienced connoisseur sigh with delight. Best enjoyed at a table heaped with seafood, meats, gleaming puddings, fruits and cheeses – and the most outrageous people you know.

Flamboyant flavours

The nose of this whisky is seriously rich and aromatic with red apples, waxed wood and wine notes. This leads into a creamy liquorice aroma, joined by strong notes of banana, toffee and custard blended with sauternes.

On tasting this whisky, there are enveloping notes of dried fruit – golden raisin, apricot – apple and plenty of vanilla. Finishing off with flavours of dark chocolate shavings and fragrant oak. A deliciously decadent delight.

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