Our signature whisky, Hedonism is the grain whisky that launched the company in 2000. Always alluring, surprising and delicious.

This is our core collection of four malt whiskies we bottle year-round. They comprise the spectrum of malt whisky styles you find in Scotland, each with their own distinctiveness and story.

The high single malt content of Great King Street whiskies delivers compelling flavour and complexity, while maintaining the versatility of a blended Scotch whisky. Full of flavour on their own, they also work perfectly served on ice or in highballs and cocktails.

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Myths & Legends
Autumn 2019

The Myths & Legends Limited Edition series aims to highlight the importance of blending to all varieties of Scotch. To emphasise this point, and in a first for Compass Box, two of the three releases are actually single malts.

This Autumn, prepare to re-examine old assumptions and discover how great Scotch whisky depends on the creativity and quality of the composition, not the category.

Our limited edition whiskies represent a range of works based on rare or hard to find whiskies. They provide us a platform to show you what Scotch whisky can be, without regard to categories or dogma. They allow us to constantly create.