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It was a Pleasure to Host You

It was great to have so many of you at our virtual tasting on June 28th 2020, and a lovely reminder of what a great community we're a part of.


Many of you from around the world reached out with kind words. Thank you for making it so special. It's amazing to think that people joined us from over 30 different countries. It was a real pleasure sharing my thoughts and taking your questions. 


If you were able to attend the tasting with us, you'll find the questions and the video below for those who had requested it. If you were unable to join us, feel free to download the Set-up guide and Tasting mat and follow along with the video and Q&A.


John Glaser
Founder & Whiskymaker


Watch the Tasting

Watch the tasting here and download the Set-up guide, Tasting mat and Q&A if you want to follow along with this live recording.


Set-up guide


Tasting mat