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Announcing No Name, No. 3

No Name, No. 3

Discover the third and final release of our No Name series

Please welcome to the stage No Name, No. 3, a rock opera of a whisky. If the original No Name was whisky as thrash metal, and No Name, No. 2 showcased the flamboyance of progressive rock, this final creation in our trilogy takes peat to an OTT operatic crescendo.

We started the series back in 2017, and comparing all three will take you on quite a journey. Each No Name has been built around double acts of the same proportions, but with radically different smoky performers.

The two key players in No Name, No. 3 are led by seaweedy and barbecue-scented single malt from the Laphroaig Distillery, with single malt from the Bowmore Distillery in a supporting role, bringing hints of mango and pineapple. Seriously smoky, yet fruity and graceful – like a barbecue in an orchard.

Peat enthusiasts will be itching to know where No Name, No. 3 charts in terms of phenolic parts per million (ppm). Most ratings given elsewhere are for the malted barley prior to production – always much higher than that of the finished whisky. We measure the phenols present in the bottle itself and, to our surprise, No Name, No. 3 topped the original with 25.7ppm. Numbers alone can’t necessarily convey a whisky’s character though. No ppm-rating can capture, nor account for, the balance showcased by this final smoky anthem.

Big-boned, balletic and flamboyant, No Name, No. 3 is a perfect gift for that friend with a big personality who turns every gathering into an occasion. Be sure to share a bottle around the table this holiday season – we recommend experiencing it neat, perhaps in the dark, when a little drama is called for… Now available on our online shop.

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No Name, No. 3