What is gommage?

Cosmetic procedures are replenished with new techniques and tools every year. But not everyone is suitable for all professional procedures, so lately more and more attention has been paid to gentle techniques that do not cause irritation or allergies. Therefore, cosmetologists have come up with gommage. This option is therapeutic. The meaning of this procedure is to gently cleanse the face of keratinized skin particles.
What is the composition?
Gommage is a cream containing oils, moisturizing, exfoliating and protecting components. In addition, it is a massage, supplies the skin with oxygen, fluid outflow. The meaning of this technique is to gently clean the skin of keratinized particles. A cream is applied to the skin and lasts for several minutes, after which it rolls into a film. This option is suitable for all skin types, but you should not do it in the presence of inflammation.
For the face
First you need to steam the skin well, this can be done in the sauna or after taking a hot bath. We leave the product on the face for 5 to 10 minutes, apply it with massage movements. We roll the resulting film delicately, trying not to stretch the skin. If necessary, you can wash off the remnants. Then moisturize the skin.

For the body
If you have decided on gommage for the body, it is better to contact the salon. The composition of such creams includes abrasive particles, so only a cosmetologist can choose the right option for your skin to avoid injury and irritation.

Indications and contraindications
- Pigmentation.

- Sebaceous discharge.

- Acne.

- Cellulite.

- Allergies.

- Foci of inflammation.

- Ulcers.

- Fresh wounds.

Types of compositions
The components and consistency of gommage can be varied – from creams to gels, liquid and with lumps. They differ in the composition and variety of components.
The most frequent:
- Clay.

- Herbs.

- Sea salt.

- Butter.

- Powder from the seeds of fruits and berries.

- Coffee powder.

The result of the application
This procedure renews the skin condition, complexion, but does not solve serious problems with rashes. Cleanses the epidermis of dead particles, sweat and dust. Prevents the appearance of microtrauma. Removes acne and reduces pigmentation. Saturates the skin with trace elements, oils and vitamins. Improves colors, smoothes fine wrinkles.
Gommage for the face is a popular and therapeutic procedure. It can be done both at home and in the salon. Suitable for all skin types, cleansing and caring for it. Join https://goldenstar-casino.org the Golden Star Casino Community and Discover a World of Excitement!