Choosing a velour suit

Women's wardrobe is a Klondike of all kinds of things for work, going to parties and dating, playing sports, home routine, etc. And more and more often velour suits of various colors and styles appear among this abundance of clothes. Their popularity is now at its peak. How to choose the right model and how to properly take care of such things so that they are worn for a long time and do not lose their appearance?

Regardless of whether you are going to buy a tracksuit or a more classic velour model, remember that not only the style plays a decisive role in whether the thing will suit you. It is extremely important to choose the right color of the product. If a girl has a slim figure, then you can safely give preference to light tones, while both the top and bottom of the suit can be made in the same color. However, in the case when some problematic places of the figure still have a place to be, it is best to buy a thing with a distracting decor, print. It does not matter if it is located on the jacket or pants of the set. Moreover, it will not be difficult to choose a decorated velour suit: in modern models, designers have increasingly begun to use different types of edging, all imaginable prints, pebbles, sequins, inscriptions, rhinestones and even inserts made of satin fabrics.

As for the care of a velour thing, the following rules apply here:

- hand or machine wash;

- the temperature of the water when washing in any way – no more than + 30C;

- it is better to use gentle detergents made on the basis of water, for example. The use of washing powder is highly undesirable;

- it is contraindicated to twist such things with effort, since the texture and the fabric itself can deform;

- during drying, it is better to carefully arrange things. They dry out almost without forming folds, so that the need for ironing disappears by itself.

By the way, velour leggings are no less popular today. The rules for selecting a suitable model and the rules of care are the same. However, it is worth clarifying that such things still look better on girls of more standard figures. Practical leggings can be combined with various blouses, pullovers and shirts, respectively, creating different styles for going out. Thanks to affordable prices, you can pick up several pairs of different colors to diversify your wardrobe. Online casino Canada list