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The Peat Monster Gift Set

This holiday season, let Compass Box be the talk of the table. Our core collection is such a great family of entertainers, bon vivants and raconteurs that if you add a selection to your invite list, any festive dinner is guaranteed to be a roaring success. And we’re making it easier and more enjoyable than ever to celebrate the Compass Box way with new gifts for 2021.

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The Peat Monster Gift Set
This is definitely one for the collectors – featuring a full-size bottle of The Peat Monster, one of our most-loved creations, alongside laser-etched glassware you can’t get anywhere else. It’s the first time we’ve offered glasses adorned with the eponymous monster, in a presentation box with striking new artwork that evokes characters and icons from labels through the years.

An ideal gift, whether it introduces a friend to our whiskies for the first time, or becomes the latest addition to a long-time Compass Box fan’s collection. There’s limited availability, so we recommend ordering early.

The Peat Monster gift set is available from our web shop now and will land in the United States from November 1st.

You’ll be spoilt for choice this holiday season
You can also pick up The Peat Monster as part of our Malt Whisky Collection gift pack if you want to give that special someone a more expansive introduction to the surprising spectrum of styles we produce. In the meantime, start planning your festive get-togethers and we’ll help you choose whiskies we’re sure your guests will get on with wonderfully. Stay tuned for more!

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The Peat Monster Gift Set