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The Peat Monster Gift Set

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

A rich, peaty malt that makes a real monster of a gift

This set, containing a full-sized bottle of The Peat Monster, combined with two laser-etched glasses, is the perfect way to introduce one of our most loved creations. It’s a multiple award-winner, with the carefully crafted blend producing a style of peaty-smoky Scotch malt whisky no single distillery can create.

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The Peat Monster Gift Set

The ideal way to introduce a friend to the pleasures of smoky whisky

Available in a special limited-edition pack while stocks last, this set is currently the only way to pick up tulip-shaped glassware decorated with the emblematic Peat Monster icon. Brimming with peat smoke character and accented by delicate notes of citrus fruit and creamy vanilla, The Peat Monster is balanced and full on the palate with a sweet impression and a long finish.

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For US-based fans, please check with your local specialist spirits retailer for availability.

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