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Share, Enjoy, Celebrate!

Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Make a Happy Whisky

Kaz Maeno of Three Rivers, our partners in Japan, wanted something vibrantly celebratory for their 20th anniversary. He asked for something happy, with a nod to our No Name, No. 3 Limited Edition. This is our interpretation of Kaz’s joyous brief.

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Share, Enjoy, Celebrate!

Bottled at 48.9%
Not Chill-Filtered
Natural Colour
Lead Whiskymaker: James Saxon

An abundance of toasted fruity notes and a mouthcoating, bright waxy quality. The smoke presence is like dry summer grass.

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When it comes to whisky, we believe that a deeper understanding of what goes into the bottle leads to a greater enjoyment of what's in your glass.

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