Artist Blend and Glasgow Blend. As contrasting as the cities they pay tribute to, and with just as much character. Flavour-packed blended Scotch whiskies with a new label design.
Formerly known as the Great King Street whiskies.

Our signature whisky, Hedonism is the grain whisky that launched the company in 2000. Always alluring, surprising and delicious.

This is our core collection of malt whiskies we bottle year-round. Each one is distinctive, offering our interpretation of a particular Scotch whisky style.

Our limited edition whiskies represent a range of works based on rare or hard to find whiskies. They provide us a platform to show you what Scotch whisky can be, with little deference to categories or dogma. They allow us to constantly create.

These releases are never around for long. What is listed below are recently-released whiskies, representing special projects launched over the last year or so. Please check our Archives section if there is an earlier Limited Edition which does not appear here. We retain information about each release, even if they are no longer available to buy.

Our archive of Compass Box whiskies is forever expanding. Usually this is to accommodate Limited Editions which have sold out. However, sometimes we must archive one of our year-round products when a key component cannot be sourced of the style and quality we require. We always hope to bring them back to life when the rights parcels of whisky are available.

In the meantime, you can view our entire back catalogue here.