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This is Not a Festival Whisky

Blended Scotch Whisky

This is not a festival whisky, although we wish it were.

The queues. The buffet. The ambassadors and blenders in tweed and silk. The sloshing spittoons. The snapping of photos. The scribbling in notebooks. The swapping of samples and stories. The hubbub. The after-show beers. The ‘see you next years.’

These little rituals of whisky festivals are not the most significant losses of 2020, but they are much missed, nonetheless. This is Not a Festival Whisky acknowledges how great spirits expos such as Whisky Live Paris have had to change the format this year, connecting people with whisky in new ways.

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This is Not a Festival Whisky

Bottled at 49% ABV
Not chill-filtered
Natural colour
Lead whiskymaker: James Saxon

This is Not a Festival Whisky combines whiskies of varying styles from across Scotland and is packed with flavour; bursts of apple pie with spiced sultanas and vanilla custard hasten from the glass before a soft smokiness and clinging waxiness are revealed on the palate.

The whisky was chosen by the team at La Maison du Whisky and is exclusive to their markets. Though it will not be on sale in the festival shop and no bottles will be poured at a stand, we hope it will bring whisky lovers together wherever they virtually congregate this autumn.

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