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A blended Scotch whsky

A whisky to form the perfect boilermaker in union with BrewDog Punk IPA

My grandfather Jack Glaser had a ritual. It involved a frosted mug and his favourite shot glass. A Chicagoan through and through, each evening, a beer went in one and whiskey in the other: a boilermaker.

A sip, a pull on the beer and a little conversation. It was his way to end every day.

Well, that day has come round again.

Working together with BrewDog’s Head of Distillation, Steven Kersley, we have created a whisky to form the perfect boilermaker in union with BrewDog Punk IPA.

The cool of the beer and the heat of the whisky are a natural fit; the whisky becomes a true TRANSISTOR, amplifying the power unleashed when they are paired together. Each lifts the other and pulls layers of flavour and character with it.


Bottled at 43% Not chill-filtered, Light 5 Mmicron filtration, Natural colour, Lead whiskymakers: John Glaser and James Saxon, in collaboration with Steven Kersley

TRANSISTOR balances malt and grain whisky as well as the influences of different types of oak cask. The sweetness of this whisky, resulting from high proportions of First Fill American oak barrel maturation, coats the palate with hints of icing sugar and honey. This sweetness is contrasted with layers of dried figs, marmalade and toasted oak from single malts finished in French oak hybrid casks. TRANSISTOR is an amazing complement to the bitter hops of Punk IPA!

Jack would approve.

TRANSISTOR is available only in BrewDog’s UK bars and through the BrewDog UK online shop.